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Sailing vs Plastic is an independent open project that aims to bring practical eco-conscious awareness into the general public showing that plastic pollution is a reality in our shorelines and oceans and that we are able to change minimum behaviours contributing to big positive consequences.

Through the next 12 months, both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans will be sailed, along with its many countries, on at least two different sailing vessels. The project intends to have a positive approach about a sensitive issue through positive attitude, behaviours, smiles, exposing the beauty of earth, oceans, shores, people, and cultures, showing that if we really care we will be able to keep, to explore, to get to know, to embrace and to live in a sustainable way.

This project also aims to show that sailing is nowadays reachable for everyone that is willing to jump on a sailboat not having the barriers of an economical/political/social/personal situation.

Therefore, the main goals of this project are:

  • 1. Reuse, transform and upcycle when possible, and when not, collect all plastic personally used* through the journey untill arrival to New Zealand. This phisical amount of plastic will give a real-size evaluation about the unavoidable amount of plastic that will be consumed.
  • 2. Monitor, at least, one Plastic Debris survey in every country visited in order to analise, observe, compare and publish the results of the different amounts of plastic waste, both larger and medium pieces, as well as some of the microplastics found on the shorelines.
  • 3. Gather information about the official recycling / waste resources, facilities and policies in the countries visited and, when possible, contrast this information to proof its veracity.
  • 4. Connect with local environmental projects on all countries visited and listen, promote and publish their actions, projects and visions towards sustainability and plastic debris issues.
  • 5. Observe liveaboard lifestyle on cruising vessels / yachts and do they manage their plastic / waste, as well as learning and suggest on-board sustainable ways to reduce their impact on the marine environment.
  • 6. Measure all CO2 emissions produced through the project (motoring time, electricity used from non-clean resources, etc…) and compare them with the total amount that would be spent if travelling by plane / superyacht / cargo ship / ferry.
  • 7. Propose meetings with local communities to listen, propose and expose different aspects about plastic polution in their shores.
  • 8. Carry on workshops/meetings exposing the project, showing both phisical and digital studies taken underway, exposing, proposing and listening to different ways to make sailing more sustainable.
  • 9. Film, edit and publish frequent documentation through Youtube and Patreon about the different legs of the journey and circumpstances happened through it.
*Plastic personally used refers to plastic that is unavoidable to encounter, say, for example, a food present wrapped in plastic or a glass of a local drink on a plastic glass.