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‘A half-way around the world voyage analising and comparing plastic polution policies in different nations, carrying out plastic debris surveys on the shores and oceans of all countries, observing external and own behaviours towards plastic use and upcycle possibilities through the route, raising positive awareness about plastic pollution and proposing alternatives to decrease plastic waste’



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Chapter 2: In Lan(d)zarote – Microplastic artists, radio interviews and stunning landscapes

November 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

After KARMA, last home for our project, set sail to her own adventure, we got happily stuck in the magical island of Lanzarote for more than three weeks until TRIM, our new floating home, arrived. Without looking for it, we organically found amazing plastic-pollution related individuals, campaigns, organisations, radio programs (we got interviewed!) and big amounts of consciousness around the subject! On this chapter, we get interviewed on Radio Tias

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