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JORGE RODAProducer / Sailor / Filmmaker / Editor
After a 2015 summer of mind-opening festivals and experiences in New Zealand, Jorge, 30 year old born in Mallorca, came throught the path of the Alternative Sailing Community and sailed on one of the five boats of the fleet of eco-conscious travellers to the Pacific Islands surrounded by harmony, peace, respect, smiles, acceptance, community lifestyle and ¡circus!. It was the first sailing experience, and such experience grew the sailing seed and rooted her with those values. After a 2017 summer as a mate on a 125 year old classic dutchboat, he has built this project out of a combination of ideas, allignement of times and allowance of spaces.
SV KARMANetherlands to Lanzarote - South Africa to Australia
There’s a beautiful story of how did I meet Karma:
Sailing as a mate for the summer on a traditional Dutch boat, I went for my usual walk to ‘see boats’, since I like observing them, looking for the ones filled with soul more than the ones that are pretty much like their neighboors. The orange top-mast of Karma was shining from far away, and as I got closer I could read different features that were pointing to a direction: She was ready for something, and it was going to be big. Her steel strong hull, freshly painted, amongst many other details, were shining her beauty at the same time of her strenght. I decided to look online, world with normally not much luck, to see if I could find some more details. Lucky shot, there was an advertising on a paid website that I could read for free: Karma was ready to leave towards South Africa and possibly Melbourne. I decided that I wanted to know more about the boat, her history, without necessarily pointing to any direction since who knows what can happen in three months time! attitude is always around my headspace. I wrote a handwritten letter, that I was to leave in the boat next time I visited that town, and so I did. I wrapped it on a airtight bag and made it fast as best as I could. Three weeks later, I got an SMS on my phone aknowledging the message and that we should talk and keep in touch. The old way of communication worked out! Later on I found out that the note was rolling in the cockpit and the captain, Werner, went for a day sail without noticing before he actually realised that was something there. History continued by meeting each other, having a common perspective for things and feeling that we could learn from each other. A trial sail day made things clear, that I will sail with Karma untill Cape Verde.

We’ve reunited with KARMA in South Africa. To sail the Southern Ocean, and beyond!

More about KARMA clicking on the pìcture!

SV Trim
SV TrimLanzarote - Gambia
Back in 2015, when sailing with the Alternative Sailing Community – a group of eco-conscious travellers and artists united reciclying boats, parts, food and performing circus to finance the project, sailing the oceans on a community-based space where everyone is a teacher and a learner – we performed a very beautiful show on Vuda Point Marina (Fiji). There, amongst many other amazing sailors, was Alex, a young australian guy that was already sailing for 1,5 years solo on the Pacific and his bearings were pointing towards Japan and further on. I personally met Alex two months later, in the most likely to be the most unpleasant anchorage for clearing into a country in the Pacific Islands, Honiara, where he had arrived on a Saturday Morning and customs wasn’t open till monday. There we were anchored with Imagine, a boat we “hitchiked” after we left the ASC, and Alex came along to spend a couple of days there. We talked about sailing and about how he managed to do everything solo, that he learned since he was a kid with his father as a mentor, and that he was going north. Conversation ended up pretty much there and I always wondered what Alex did, untill some months ago we got communication back and I found out that he listened to his heart instead of his ambition and headed back home to prepare a bigger journey. Alex bought Trim in Turkey in 2017 and has been fixing and preparing her to bring her to New Zealand. I was lucky enough to be invited to be part of Alex’s project and that’s how I will join Alex and Trim from Lanzarote to Gambia
SV Eole
SV EoleGambia to Senegal
While visiting The Gambia, we noticed a number of vessels that were not habited by their owners. We asked around and EOLE was special. For some reason it was calling us so we called back, only to receive a most surprising answer from Juan, the owner, who was from Mallorca, same place of birth as Jorge, producer of this project. He had the boat through the winters in Gambia and sailed it 3-4 months a year. He was an old man now, and needed some help. We offered ourselves to join him on his adventure and ended up spending a beautiful month fixing, living and having a beautiful sail towards Senegal. EOLE keeps sailing with Juan through the Cape Verdes for the rest of the season