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Sailing versus plastic is approached in a way that no attitude will be taken as ‘extreme’. One of the ongoing goals will be to accept the different unpredicted ongoing stages of the project, with observation of how such a journey can be taken with an aware, conscious, active but not extreme approach towards sustainability. This idea is based on personal experience (where, for example, a better local sustainable impact can be caused on a local community by exposing plastic pollution to chiefs / elderly people rather than on a private family home) and also the fact that in the different vessels that will be sailed along the project will be a crew member and therefore are not owned by us!

Captains/owners are aware, supportive and helping towards getting this project alive, active and ongoing. Their response couldn’t be more positive towards making it happen, therefore and happily there’s room for exploration towards sustainable ways of live aboard experiences that will be tested through the journey. Thank you.

Organic growing project

Since Sailing vs Plastic is a sailing-based project navigating through 4 continents, 15000 nautical miles and a great number of countries, different influences will shape the structure and evolution of this adventure. There is always something new to learn, and there will be knowledge to be learn as well as to be shared.
We are happy to connect to similar projects or products that share the same philosophy and can help the project grow. If you’d like to join this adventure, send us a message!

Local communities

Connecting to local communities and understanding their lifestyle, their day-by-day and the way they have observed the evolution of plastics both in their daily lives and on their surroundings will give voice to those who are rarely listened. Through gathering knowledge through the journey from different experiences, we intend to be able to share that knowledge with communities where education about sustainability is minimum or non-existant.

Positive / real approach

There seems to be tendency on communication nowadays related to environmental where issues are shown through drama and sadness. General public is already used to those stimulations through everyday media inputs and through boredom there’s a built lack of attention. By giving an opposite approach to such issue, we intend to be able to capture a wider range of attention and raise positive consciousness towards plastic pollution and CO2 emissions.
There is a daily use of plastic, both in land and in sailing vessels, and those challenges will be real and faced from a non-extremist point of view showing a lifestyle where and how will be possible to live a sustainable lifestyle in this voyage.

Open Project

This project is organically happenning trough the allowance of one self to let things happen. Vessels, captains and team behind the project are volunteering and supporting the project through the development of their own skills, where they can get creative and it can be reflected here.

This is an open space both for supporting and creating, and if you think that your ideas can be, somehow, placed here, please let us know. Sailing vs Plastic is built for everyone to understand a worldwide issue that requires full attention from all humans on earth. Through sharing knowledge, art, stories and working together we are able to build a strong present for a brighter and colourful future.